What’s with the giant 14″ bottles of booze? Too big to fit in the fridge.

I noticed that it has become a fad among some local spirit distilleries to use giant bottles.  Cedar Ridge’s own Clearheart hard liquor bottles are fourteen and one-fourth inches tall.  Contrast this with the standard height of twelve inches for a wine bottle. Nebraska’s Solas Distillery is only a smidgeon shorter with its bottles of Joss Vodka. This added height is not a problem if I keep the bottles on the top shelf of my liquor cabinet, but if I try to chill them in the fridge they are difficult to work around since they have to stay on the outer edge. I hesitate to lay a liquor bottle on its side given the possibility of leakage.  So, just a hint for those distilleries looking to go upscale with the bottles.


2 thoughts on “What’s with the giant 14″ bottles of booze? Too big to fit in the fridge.

  1. I think you nailed it when you said “top shelf.” Making a huge bottle forces retailers to put the bottles on the top shelf, which as you found out, is probably the only place the bottles fit.

    Of course this will only work for so long. It will create an arms-race in liquor bottle sizes until even $5 Husker Vodka is coming in gigantic 5-foot tall bottles and browsing the liquor aisle is like exploring a store made for a forgotten race of alcoholic giants.

  2. They don’t fit in my liquor cabinet either. I have just one big shelf on the bottom and all of the “giant” bottles have to squish in the little space between the upper shelf and the door. I have to move them to find any regular sizes of the good stuff. But I do believe Our Man in Omaha hit the nail on the head with his comment.

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