Centro – Weekend Brunch in Des Moines

Centro is a lot of things. It is a hotspot for visiting politicians, press, and celebrities, the highest-rated restaurant in Des Moines (and likely the State of Iowa), and a great place to dine with friends. There is a another aspect of Centro that is worth pointing out. It is one of the few big-name restaurants in Des Moines that offers a full Sunday brunch menu. This menu is also available on Saturday mornings as well. Mornings are a great time to go to Centro as you will probably not have to wait for a seat. Centro never disappoints and there is just something about the place that makes it a high-energy and interesting place to visit.

French Toast, Grilled Cheese and Omelet

Our party ordered the Stuffed French Toast ($9.50), THE Grilled Cheese with added bacon ($9.99 plus bacon for $1.50), and a Wild Mushroom Omelet ($9.50). The Stuffed French Toast was totally decadent, with wipped vanilla mascarpone cheese stuffed into a bun, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and drenched with maple syrup. Fresh strawberries were added as well. I tried the Grilled Cheese, with fontina cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms and truffle oil on country Italian bread. Just for fun I threw in Niman Ranch bacon. It was fabulous, but alas more than I could eat in one sitting. Consider a half-sandwich for two dollars less. The Wild Mushroom Omelet features osiago cheese, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onion and truffle oil. Everything was fabulous and filling. There are a lot of other menu items that are available during the brunch time period if a traditional breakfast is not what you are looking for.

Service was as usual, usual top-notch and totally professional. I didn’t venture near Centro during the caucuses, but I assume that the Sunday morning crowd is back to normal, which means that you can find a seat. The popularity of Centro is both its strength and its weakness. If a place is good, then you will have to fight the crowds.

Twitter: @CentroDSM
Facebook: CentroDSM

1003 Locust Street (Corner of 10th & Locust)
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

MON – FRI: 11AM – 2PM
SAT: 11AM – 3PM
SUN: 10AM – 3PM

MON – THU: 5PM – 10PM
FRI, SAT: 5PM – 11PM
SUN: 4:30PM – 9PM

Relax in the bar between
lunch and dinner for pizzas, salads, appetizers and cocktails.

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