2012 Bravo Gala

Ken Arlen Orchestra at Bravo Gala Des Moines 2012

The Des Moines Bravo Gala is probably Des Moines’ “society party of the year.” At $250 a pop it is not cheap. Cocktail and Evening dresses for the ladies and Tuxedos and bow ties for the men are the order of the night. But lest you think that this is a stuffy affair, you need to stay past the serving of fantastic buffet dishes and hit the dance floor where the Ken Arlen Orchestra put on a pretty fantastic show, as they have every year. Cocktails were available for free, starting with the “Knapp Knockout Punch” and ending with Opulent Chocolate Martinis. The Knapp Knockout Punch did manage to hit me with several right hooks that I think are attributable to the Juarez Triple Sec used in the drink. It ought to be a crime to mix $45 bottle Templeton Rye with $5.50/Liter Juarez Triple Sec, even if it was only a half ounce of triple sec. I’m just guessing here based on what I could see, but I think that this is the recipe for the Knapp Knockout Punch:

Pouring the Knapp Knockout Punch

1 low ball glass filled with ice
1.5 ounces of Templeton Rye
.5 ounces of Triple Sec
Finished with lemonade.

The Chocolate Martinis were also a hit. This martini used top-shelf ingredients, starting with Opulent Vodka. Godiva Chocolate Liqueur was used in lieu of cheaper alternatives. believe that the recipe for those was as follows:

Chocolate Martini

In a large shaker add:

6 ounces Creme de Cacao
3 ounces of Opulent Vodka
3 ounces of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
top off with cream
Shake and pour


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