Tassel Ridge Chocolate Granfinale

Tassel Ridge Chocolate GranfinaleI was shopping for some gifts at Gortz Haus Gallery in Grimes, Iowa when I came across a bottle of Tassel Ridge Chocolate Granfinale dessert wine ($20). It sounded like an interesting wine to try, so I bought a bottle. When the right occasion arose, we opened it and we all agreed that it was a wonderful dessert-style wine. It had a full aroma and palate of chocolate and red wine. Tassel Ridge recommends that it be served at room temperature and that does help bring out the full flavor. Another pleasant surprise was how long the bottle lasted. We finished the wine off over a three week period and there was no perceptible oxidation or degradation in the aroma or flavor. That was quite surprising. One beef that I have with fortified and dessert wines is how poorly some of them age in the bottle after being opened. That fact always bothers me when I spend good money on the smallest bottle I can find but can’t really bring myself to finish off the bottle in one or two nights. This bottle is recommended for those who might want to stretch the pleasure out over a few more days.

In addition to the traditional sweet wines, wines that Iowa ought to be able to market include Rieslings and dessert wines. Chocolate Granfinale is a worthy entry into that market.

17.2% alcohol by volume


2 thoughts on “Tassel Ridge Chocolate Granfinale

  1. We live in Iowa and will be trying Chocolate Granfinale as soon as this weekend. We are going to serve it as a desert in Milano Noir Martini Glasses. Thanks for the info we will definitely serve it warm.

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