Big Ed’s Bar-B-Q in Oskaloosa, Iowa has great brisket and ribs.

We were down in Oskaloosa awhile back and the locals told us to stop by either Tasos’ Steakhouse or Big Ed’s BBQ. We were in the mood for some good BBQ, so Big Ed’s it was. The decor is definitely “Race car” which is a nice change of pace from restaurants whose sports theme is football and/or basketball. The dining area is clean and roomy with several tables along both walls. Checkered tablecloths cover the tables. Having missed the lunch hour by quite a bit, We were the only people there, so I can’t comment on the service. It was hard to miss us.

As promised, the food was really good. I love brisket and Big Ed’s is well-known for putting together some really excellent brisket. It was so tender I could cut it with a fork. The meat had a nice bit of fat on it and was perfectly prepared. The hickory smoke gave the brisket a nice extra kick of flavor as well.

We also gave the ribs a shot. We were not disappointed. The ribs were sweet and tasty and nice-sized. Not like the semi-short ribs that some places try to palm off as real ribs. When you get a chance to head down to Oskaloosa, give Big Ed’s a visit. I have to add that Oskaloosa is a great place to visit. I usually just drive right through without stopping. I will hopefully add a few more entries soon with some comments about other places to visit.

Big Ed’s BBQ
(641) 672-2680
104 1st Ave E
Oskaloosa, IA 52577


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