Take a trip to Peacetree Brewing in Knoxville, Iowa for great beer.

Peace Tree Storefront

Peace Tree Storefront

Iowa is fortunate to have a number of full-line brewers that make uniformly excellent beer.  Though only operating for about three years, Peace Tree Brewing in Knoxville, Iowa has risen to the top tier of Iowa breweries. This is no accident. Peace Tree’s offerings, both in their Knoxville store and at local restaurants and retailers, are uniformly great craft beers. For those who like hops there is the Hop Wrangler. The Red Rambler is a delicous and well-rounded beer.  It is my go-to beer when I get pizza at Gusto. The Rye Porter is another tasty beer that is higher in malt than hops.  The Blond Fatale is a high-alcohol beer with less malt and more hops. A real treat and available the day that I visited is the Imperial Stout. This wonderful malty beer is occasionally found in better retail outlets, including John’s in Iowa City and Gateway Market.
I recommend a visit to the taproom where large glasses of each beer can be ordered for prices ranging from $3.75 for the widely-distributed beers and $7 for some of the special and seasonal brews. Peacetree does not offer food at their taproom. A beer growler can be filled for $13 for most of their beers to $26 for the Hop Sutra. A beer flight can be created at $1 per sample, which I think is a real bargain. It allowed me to try a wide variety of special beers, including a really fun Cocoa Stout, the aforementioned Rye Porter, Imperial Stout and Cornocopia.

Sampler Flight

A visit to the backroom where the beers are brewed is interesting because the place is jam-packed with used Templeton Rye barrels. Some 9-month old Templeton Rye barrel-aged Imperial Stout has already been on tap, and I understand that more is on the way! You should know that each barrel ships with a “slosh” of left-over Templeton Rye still in the barrel, so I will be quite interested to see how this special brew tastes.  I think that this is a testament to the passion that has obviously driven Peace Tree to be so successful in such a short period of time. Great craft beer.
Unless you are wedded to tastless low-cal pale ales created by the national brands, Peacetree has something for just about any taste.

Taproom Hours:

Wednesday through Friday 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Saturday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Sunday 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


One thought on “Take a trip to Peacetree Brewing in Knoxville, Iowa for great beer.

  1. Thanks for writing about Peace Tree! One quick addition, while we don’t serve food, menus are available from local restaurants to order in and soon we will have local goat cheeses from Reichert’s Dairy Air back in stock. Cheers!

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