Multinational Brand Diageo forces the Scottish British Institute of Innskeeping to award it the prize instead of the winner.

I have seen this story running around the internet lately and after confirming that it is true I thought it was worth passing along. The British Institute of Innkeeping has a contest for the Scottish Award for Bar Operator of the Year. After finding out that a small craft brewery based in Scotland would receive the award, Diageo insisted that the award instead be given to it, Brewdog engraved name to boot. Apparently Diageo exerted its tremendous influence as a sponsor of the competition to force the decision. Complaints were loud and clear, especially from the judges who were perplexed that Diageo had won when they hadn’t voted for it.

Diageo has apologized for the “serious misjudgement by Diageo staff.” However, it has apparently kept the trophy.

Diageo makes Guinness, Crown Royal, J&B, Bushmills, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan, Bailey’s, Tanqueray, Harp, Bell, Senator, Kilkenny beer, and Red Stripe. You know what to do until they return the trophy.


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