Apothic White – 2010 Winemaker’s Blend, California

apothic white 2010As a fan of the Apothic Red, I was intrigued when I found a bottle of Apothic White at the store the other day.  This white wine is a blend of Chardonnay, Riesling, and Moscato.  From the flavor, the Chardonnay has been oaked as the classic Chardonnay buttery taste is in evidence despite being blended with two very different wines. As with the Apothic Red, the winemaker’s goal seems to be to create a fruit-forward, rich wine. Even though this is a white wine, the combination of the three different grapes seems to reach the goal. Whether that is what you are looking for in a white wine is another thing. In our case, we popped this open to go with a shrimp risotto and it was just too fruity for the dish. We drank it as aperitif before dinner and it worked quite well with the cheese and olive plate.

So, other than fruit-forward, what can I describe this as? The best way I can describe it is to just tell you that it tastes like a sweet Riesling with some Chardonnay butter thrown in. Its not bad, but it might throw a oenophile for a loop as a blend like that has to violate some sort of winemaker’s rule. But that anathema is exactly what Apothic is looking for, and for that, I congratulate them. If you are throwing a party it might be an intriguing wine to use. It is a white wine that has something for almost everybody, as long as they aren’t looking for a Sauvignon Blanc.


10 thoughts on “Apothic White – 2010 Winemaker’s Blend, California

  1. Bought the white for the first time to night and was not that impressed. Love the red but the white is much too sweet for my taste, would not but it again but the red is very good for the price

  2. Tried it for the first time toight with a few girlfriends and we “LOVED IT”. My friend is the one who is usually telling me what she thinks I’ll like. I’m better at tasting than reading whats in it to figure out what it’s going to taste like.Thought I might try something new. I’m usually drinking Chardonnay because I’m diabetic and it affects my sugar less. This did not spike my blood sugar and was so much better than just plain chardonnay. We actually drank it at room temp instead of chilled. We couldn’t wait to chill because we liked so much. I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ll definatelly be buying it again!!! =)

  3. Very tasty! (Special note – For those that don’t normally like sweet wines, you probably shouldn’t try one that has Riesling and Moscato in the ingredients. Just a thought…)

  4. I think it’s a very refreshing white. Some may judge it before tasting, because it has a mix of Riesling ,Moscato and Chardonnay. I would never guess those three together. Also, I enjoy the Red Apothic. I’m not a wine snob. Get a kick out of the people that think they know so much about wine…and know nothing. I once served Carlo Rossi Rhine to some snobs and they thought it was great! Never told them what they were drinking! I say drink what pleases you. CHEERS!

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