Collier and McKeel Handcrafted Sour Mash Tennessee Whiskey

I recently had an opportunity to taste some Collier and McKeel Tennessee Whiskey. This is only available in Tennessee from what I can gather. Anyway, the distillery itself is fairly new. But what makes it unique is that it is a small-batch distillery in Nashville, Tennessee. The other distilleries making Tennessee Whiskey are all in the south part of the state and take some effort to visit. Another point of distinction is that this whiskey is aged in small barrels, so it can pick up that oak flavoring more quickly than if it was in a traditional barrel. This also allows it to reach market quicker. The downside is that small barrels are not a real bargain. The bottle I tried was labled at 43% alcohol by volume or 86 proof.
Bottle of Collier and McKeel Whiskey
It was a very nice, smooth whiskey. It didn’t have a strong “bite” common to some whiskeys but it did have a nice mellow flavor. I tried it on the rocks, but I would like to try it neat with maybe a touch of water the next time as I think that the ice melted a bit quickly. It was a very warm Tennessee evening when I came across this bottle. I know that a lot of Bourbon fans knock Tennesee Whiskeys, but the main difference is that the white dog is filtered through several feet of sugar maple charcoal. The whole point of that process is to remove some of the nasty distillation by-products.

I can recommend this whiskey if you can manage to get to Tennesee or if you know somebody down there who can source it for you.

Collier and McKeel


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