A visit to Dutchman’s Store in Cantril, Iowa

Storefront of the Dutchman's Store

Storefront of the Dutchman’s Store

On our recent trip through southeast Iowa we had to drop by the Dutchman’s Store in Cantril, Iowa. Not much is going on in Cantril that is not owned by the Zimmerman Brothers. One owns the Dutchman’s Store and another owns the local truck repair facility down the road.

Dutchman Store block

Dutchman Store block

On the drive down there were few cars on the road but, as is the case so many times with these out of the way destinations, the parking lot in front of the Dutchman’s Store was full and the store was even more packed. Where did all those people come from? This store takes up a nearly an entire side of the block comprising the main drag through town. The north end of the store offers a staggering selection of fabrics, (especially quilting fabrics,) toys, work clothes and boots, Amish-style hats and suspenders, housewares, and religious books and Bibles. It reminded me a bit of Wall Drug in South Dakota, though not quite as big and without the tourist niknaks and Wall Drug stickers.
Sign reading Dutchman's Store
We were a bit disappointed to find that not much is really locally produced. According to an old gent who sits watching from across the street most of the so-called Amish products were from Ohio or Pennsylvania. The owner isn’t Amish either but Mennonite, a difference lost on a lot of people. The clothing was not cheap and the prices on the food were not especially low, as you might expect from bulk purchasing. We were a bit put off by the threatening hand-written signs all over the place warning shoplifters: “If you steal, you steal from God. It is cheaper to pay our price than His.” Although another blog I found on the site talked about not taking any photos for fear of stealing their souls or something, I found the place to be replete with surveillance cameras, so I seriously doubt that they have any problem with me taking photos.

So, if you are curious about what the place has to offer, here are some photos.

Just some of the many bags of grain.


closeup of bags of flour

A Closeup of some bags of flour


Bib Overalls for Sale


depression era glass reproductions

Reproductions of depression-era glass


straw hats

Lots of straw hats


lots of suspenders

Lots of suspenders


black hats

Lots of black fedoras


Lots of candy

Old-fashioned candy

Dutchman’s Store
17260 260th Street
Cantril, IA 52542-8008


5 thoughts on “A visit to Dutchman’s Store in Cantril, Iowa

  1. It was nice to find some photos of this store. I moved to the area about a year ago. I think I am going to take a trip to check it out. Its hard to find info online about the Dutchman store. Thanks. Also, nice to find another Iowa blogger:)

  2. This is one of my favorite stores. You do have to watch the prices on things but there are lower prices on most merchandise. I find alot of things there I can’t get anywhere else. Love the store and we drive 45 miles to go there about once a month and often more.
    Some produce is grown locally and you can find great prices on the fabric which is my main reason for going. The staff is always pleasant and willing to help you.

  3. Visited the Dutchman store on a visit with family in Iowa recently. I was impressed and plan on visiting again the next time I am in Iowa.

  4. First time visit for me. My sister had been here before and asked to go with her as she wanted to check out their crysanthemums. They were beautiful. We bought a total of 7! Loved the store. Everyone was very helpful. Will come back for a visit. We are from Illinois.

  5. Love this store. we are there often. It has alot of variety and it is my main source for quilting fabrics. They always have a great price on hamburger and we find alot of great gluten free options there.

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