Trader Joe’s French Wine: 2010 Moulin de Beausejour

2010 Moulin de Beausejour

2010 Moulin de Beausejour

Like many of the French wines sold exclusively by Trader Joe’s, this wine sports a very fancy and properly officious label, with just about everything that a French wine label is expected to have, save a line drawing of some chateau. Cursive name? Check. “Grand Vin?” Check. A separate label with a control number on it? Check. Indecipherable french words in tiny writing on the bottom of the label? Check. Shiny gold lettering and lines? Check. The label indicates that the appellation is Bordeaux Superieur which requires that the wine spend at least one year in the barrel. The wine is made with 100% Merlot grapes.

Lets get down to business. What does it taste like? First, this wine had some fruit on the first sip. There was a slight earthy taste and a distinct smell of smoke. After the first sip the fruit seemed to go away rather quickly and it was replaced with a medium tannin with a layer of chocolate. As I worked down the glass the tannins steadily increased and the alcohol became totally dominant. The finish is strong tannins and alcohol (the bottle states that it has 13.5% alcohol). I can’t say that I could perceive much else after a few sips. I would give the wine about 2 out of 5 stars. For the price ($7-$9) it is about what you might expect for a French wine at that price point. Not really a bargain if one is hoping for a really nice French wine, but a fair price for a French wine that isn’t off-putting as some cheap French wines can be.


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