Wonderful tiki taki cocktails at Fong’s Pizza

Fong’s Pizza is a very popular pizza joint in the Court Avenue District across the street from Java Joe’s. Everyone probably already about the great Asian fusion pizza that Fong’s serves. Fong’s Pizza also features a cocktails that can be served in wonderful Tiki-style mugs. Because these are mugs are relatively expensive to buy ($16 from Tiki Farm), you need to lend them your credit card if you want your booze served in one of these mugs. But it is worth it in my opinion as they lend a carefree and fun-loving air to drinking.

I tried the Pineapple Express ($6.99). It is made with Smirnoff Pineapple, Kraken, Cruzan light rum, triple sec, simple syrup, and pineapple and lime juice. We also got an Unlucky Tourist ($6.99), served in a Shrunken Head Mug. This is a blend of light and dark Cruzan rums, mango and lime juice, passion fruit syrup and grenadine. You can hardly go wrong with a rum drink in my opinion, and Fong’s won’t steer you wrong.

In keeping with all Full Court Press establishments, Fong’s carries a large line of imported beers and American micro-brews in addition to a smaller handful of domestics. Unusual additions to the lineup are a large number of Japanese and other Asian beers, including Hitachino classic ale, Asahi Lager and two that I’ve got to try: Hitachino Weizen and a White Ale, Japanese takes on the Hefeweizen and witbier respectively.

Don’t forget the Pizza!

The Pizza at Fong’s set the stage for fusion pizza in Des Moines when it first came out. The pizza is so popular that years after opening it can still be very hard to grab a seat. So, plan ahead and get there before the crowds.

Fong’s Pizza
223 4th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Phone Number: (515) 323-3333

Bar Hours
Sunday thru Saturday: 11am to 2am

Kitchen Hours
Sunday thru Saturday: 11am to 12am

By The Slice
Lunchtime: Monday -Friday: 11am to 2pm


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