Omaha’s La Buvette is still a favorite

We have written about La Buvette before but eating there is such a nice experience that I can’t help but write a follow up. Although La Buvette bills itself as a wine shop, wine bar, and deli, its food offerings are so outstanding that they rise above standard “deli” fare. We recently visited during the lunch hour on a Sunday and were very pleased with the special menu that they offered that day.

To start out, we ordered the mixed cheese plate ($11). There were some fantastic cheeses. I forget how great aged cheeses can be. I ordered the lamb shank. It was very tender and was plenty of food for a lunch. The lamb was served on a bed of couscous with a tomato topping. The lamb tasted as though it had been braised as the meat was moist with the flavor sealed in. Our Man in Omaha ordered the beef tongue because it is one of his favorites. It was thick and juicy with a soft, pleasant texture in a form all its own. Beef tongue is quite unilike typical steak or burger beef. The Italian Caprese Salad was also very tasty.

Mixed Cheese Plate

Italian Caprese Salad

Lamb Shank

Beef Tongue

The wine selection is quite broad and they even have a few choice bourbons along the wall. Wines are sold at retail, and while you can find wines from nearly any region, French wines are best represented. Because the wines are sold at retail prices you only have to pay a modest corkage fee of $4 if you want the wine served with the dinner. There is also beer and sparklilng water available in the fridge in the back. If you order a white wine off the shelf the waiter will provide an ice bucket to chill it down. Checking over the prices and selection it is clear to me that the prices are very competitive, though the selection of French wines will overwhelm most liquor stores. I happen to think that a lot of good values are to be found among the French wines given the difficulty I’ve faced trying to find reasonably priced Napa or Sonoma County reds that are worthy of their appellation. What a good but inexpensive French wine sometimes lacks in refinement it can more than make up with complexity.

La Buvette remains one of our top recommendations for restaurants in Omaha.  Whether you dine on the patio or inside, the ambiance is unparalleled for cafe-style dining. It is really an open invitation to old world dining. It is remakable that this dining experience can be found in the center of the Midwest. It is european without the airfare and that should by itself make the visit a great and affordable deal for everyone.

La Buvette
511 South 11th Street
Omaha, NE

Monday through Wednesday from 10:00am to 10:00pm
(Kitchen open 11:30am to 9:00pm),

Friday from 10:00am to Midnight
(Kitchen open 11:30am to 11:00pm),

Saturday from 9:00am to Midnight
(Kitchen open 11:30am to 11:00pm),

Sunday from 11:30am to 10:00pm
(Kitchen open 11:30am to 9:00pm).


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