Greengo Coffee & Deli, Omaha

Greengo Coffee & Deli brings some much-needed coffee and cafe love to midtown Omaha. It’s a nice and minimalist hole in the wall on Park Avenue just south of Leavenworth. The neighborhood is in transition, being gentrified by the next-door Urban Village apartments. Greengo is a positive part of this movement, such as it is, and a brave entry into a challenging area.


The cafe exclusively features coffee roasted at Grey Plume, which like most artisan roasted coffee is a step above the usual blackened corporate bean. I had a perfectly-pulled espresso and my dining partner had a delightful soy chai latte. It was spicy, chocolatey, and not overwhelmingly sweet. I had a great tuna salad sandwich and my partner had a delicious turkey wrap with avocado and sun-dried tomato. The food was well prepared, fresh, with above-par ingredients.

Greengo has its best potential as a neighborhood coffee shop and cafe. Its limited space and early hours means that the usual college crowd might not be able to hang out for 10 hours for the price of a small coffee. However, as an early morning breakfast grab-and-go and a brunch spot, it’s an excellent choice. I’m grateful that it’s such high quality, since it’s the only choice in the near area.

I spoke with the proprietor since we were the only ones there on a slow Saturday afternoon. She previously operated Daisy Maze in the Old Market, which was before my time in Omaha. As with all new small businesses, there’s a lot of arbitrary hoops to jumps through and a lot of red tape to wade through. In the case of Greengo, the city won’t let her have chairs because of the shop’s unisex bathroom. Now I’m not a lawyer or a city planner, but that restriction seems like an arbitrary grab for an appeal fee. Here’s hoping the cafe makes it off the ground.

Greengo Coffee & Deli
828 Park Ave
Omaha NE

Hours: 6:30 AM – 2 PM, Monday – Saturday


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