Omaha Tap House


Being a hip, well-respected food writer has astonishing benefits sometimes. I wouldn’t know, but once Lucky Bucket gave us a six-pack, and another time I got invited to a soft opening of the Omaha Tap House, so, there’s that I guess.

Omaha Tap House, like everything with Omaha in the name, is actually part of a national operation. In this case it’s a Minnesota steakhouse chain called Grizzly’s Wood-Fired Grill and this is their first entry into the region.

I’ll keep my words short. The Tap House has good potential, enthusiastic and smart staff, and a whole lot of beer. This area of downtown needs a place like this and I think it will work.

Like I said, the staff is smart and invited lots of bloggers like myself to the soft opening to eat and drink for free. So naturally this article is one of many about this place, and many other Omaha writers have some great words and pictures if you want to know more.

Omaha World Herald
At the Red Table
She’s Obsessed
Nebraska Beer


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