Snus Hill Winery’s Boule de Poils White Wine

Snus Hill Boule de Poils

Snus Hill Boule de Poils

Snus Hill’s Boule de Poils is a smashingly good dry white wine.  It is very crisp and bright flavor coupled with citrous and a hint of fruit.  More melons than berries. It is not a sweet wine if you are looking for a typical Iowa sweet wine. It has a bit of tartness at the finish but no bad notes.  This is a blend of three different grapes grown in Iowa, St. Pepin, Seyval Blanc and La Crescent. It reminds me of a Sauvignon Blanc with its slightly peppery finish. It also remind me a lot of Snus Hill’s Seyval, the first wine from Snus hill that alerted me that people at Snus Hill were trying to make something special with their wines. It is about $15 and very little is left from last year. We recently snagged a bottle at the winery. I highly recommend the very popular evening outdoor dinner and music events at Snus Hill. It is one of our favorite activities.

Snus Hill Winery
2183 320th Street
Madrid, Iowa 50156

Wed-Sun 10am-6pm
extended hours during
live music events
(also by appointment)


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