2012 Iowa City Second Annual Northside Oktoberfest

Iowa City is in its second year of combining its brewfest tradition with a sodafest (for kids and non-drinkers I presume) and calling it the Northside Oktoberfest. The festival is scheduled for October 5 and 6. Proceeds from the (expensive) ticket sales go to the American Heart Association and a school program.

The BrewFest portion will run from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday October 6th. Don’t be late, as this is not an event that goes into the evening! Check out the schedule. Tickets are a whopping $20 and only 500 tickets are sold. Order online or at John’s Grocery. They say that they sell out.

The Iowa City Oktoberfest has both non-beer festivities and beer-drinking. The brewfest portion of the festival will be in the Paglai’s parking lot at the corner of Linn and Bloomington. Check out the Facebook page for a better map of where the different activities will take place.

Facebook: Northside Oktoberfest

Website: http://northsideoktoberfest.com/

Map: 2012 Iowa City Octoberfest

Photos from last year’s event:


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