AllSpice Culinarium – Celebrating Two Years

We love AllSpice Culinarium in Des Moines’ East Village and a peek through our kitchen cupboards is positive proof that we are addicted to their spices, oils, and vinegars.  AllSpice hosted its second birthday yesterday and we  made sure that we visited. As you might expect, the free food was great fun. A lot of local businesses turned out to help, with Court Avenue Brewing providing a couple of their pub brews, La Mie providing bread, The Cheese Shop handing out cheese and olives, and Vintage Wines handing out cups of North Coast Cabernet and Argentine white wine.  Eden Farms was there with some pulled pork sandwiches with Big Daddy’s BBQ sauces to try.  There were also cupcakes and cookies made by employees that used their spices. The recipes are on the website. Of course, AllSpice seasonings, spices, oils and vinegars were used in many of the dishes.

Some AllSpice Oils and Vinegars in our cupboard

AllSpice spices and salts in our cupboard

All I can say is “Thank You” for making it to your second year and surviving the loss of co-founder Alexander Rhoads, one of those people who took the path less traveled and touched so many lives with his creativity and vision.  I am sure that it has been a very hard time for his family and friends. We will continue to support AllSpice Culinarium. Here is to a “Happy Birthday” and great next 100 years!


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