2013 Wine and Food Showcase – Des Moines Metro Opera February 15th

2013OperaIn my opinion, the best wine and food event in Des Moines is still the annual Wine and Food Showcase.  I make sure that I don’t miss this event just as I try not to miss any of the operas at the Des Moines Metro Opera (Romeo and Juliet is one of the three this year!). The food is great (and plentiful) and the wine tastings are about as broad as you can get at this level. This is a great way to sample some of the new U.S. and international wines that the wine distributors are bringing to market. From what I can tell, they usually uncork a lot of winners that are great for the price.  This year’s event is set for February 15, 2013 beginning at 5:30 at the Des Moines Marriott.

Don’t be put off by the $50 ticket price. It is well worth it. VIP tickets are $100 and they get to start in an hour early. The money goes to support the Des Moines Metro Opera, so it is for a good cause. Of course I’m biased and happen to like opera.

Wine & Food Showcase
February 15th, 2013 5:30 pm
Downtown Des Moines Marriott

Price: $50.00
Group: $35.00
VIP: $100.00

Scenes from last year:






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