2013 Des Moines Restaurant Week – Baru 66

Our second stop during Restaurant Week was with a sure-fire winner, Baru 66. Baru 66 is a grand bargain during Restaurant Week because it offers meals of the highest quality. For only $25 for three courses you cannot go wrong. I should add that the meal is also preceded with some little cheese puffs and ends with lemon madelines and meringue puffs, so you could go so far as to say it is a five course meal. Drinks are extra, of course, but wines by the glass are a great option and the selections we tried were all good. I also tried a peach Manhattan and it was great. I need to get that recipe!

As evidence, here are some pictures from my visit to Baru 66:


House cured graviax: Lemon-herb marscarpone with caviar and lime gelee.



Slow roasted poullard: parmesan-herb polenta, sage jus, confit onion, and house made plum jam


Gnocchi: tender gnocchi slathered with herbed sauce



Floating Island: poached meringue with creme anglaise and caramel sauce


The slow roasted poullard was really, really excellent. It was tender and juicy and clearly had not spent time wasting away in a steamer. The polenta gave it a succulent taste. The gnocchi was prepared perfectly and the sauce was heavenly. Making good gnocchi is a task that some of the better Des Moines chefs have trouble with at times. The texture of Baru 66’s gnocchi was on par with gnocchi from Alba or Share in Iowa City. I chose the floating island for dessert. You just have to try this to understand, but if you are getting tired of flourless chocolate cake and cheesecake, then you really have to try it.


Restaurant Week in Des Moines ends August 25th.  The website is: http://www.desmoinesrestaurantweek.com/  You can also enter a drawing for a trip to two in Sonoma County.


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