Capital City Pub and Hot Dog – East Village

IMG_4518Capital City Pub and Hot Dog  was one of the early pioneers to establish a commercial foothold on the new East Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway that snakes along the East Village. It was also one of the first restaurants to sell “gourmet” hotdogs when that craze made its way to Des Moines. I grew up eating way more than my share of terrible freezer-burned hot dogs, so it took me awhile to make it to Capital City to try their dogs. I am glad I did because these hot dogs are nothing like the frozen Oscar Mayer dogs of my youth. First, there is a selection of different hot dogs that you can choose from, or even burgers if you are in the mood. You can also dress them up in ways that no hot dog ever dreamed of.




Get a load of those Wisconsin Cheese Curds!

These are tasty dogs. As the name of the restaurant suggests, beer is also on tap. I didn’t spot any local brews other than Madhouse (a very good option) but there are more than the usual big-brewery offerings.


Another cool advantage of Capital City is that it is within easy biking distance of many of the trails in the Des Moines area. This proximity is plain when you see the bike racks. In fact, Capital City was at the far end of a long bike ride — A bike ride that ended up with four flat tires and a taxi ride, but at least we were not hungry. The service was adequate, though not enthusiastic — it was a slow night.


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