Boulevard Brewing Bourbon Barrel Quad 2014

Bourbon-barrel quadSo I was in the locker room minding my own business when some fellas who were literally “hanging around” suddenly started to talk about a special limited release ale known as the 2014 Boulevard Brewing Bourbon Barrel Quad.  I kid you not. This is what guys do. Anyway, the one guy swears that this is was a fantastic beer. So, of course I made a beeline to the nearest store that might sell this brew. Upon arrival, I was told “We only had one box of that and it was kept behind the desk here and its all gone.” Well, not satisfied with that answer I went to the cooler to see what might be hiding back there. After all, shouldn’t at least one bottle be kept cold? Of course that is where I found this last bottle, all by its lonesome. I grabbed it and along with some other whiskey barrel limited editions from other breweries to enjoy during this nasty cold spell, and raced home so I could pop the cork on this baby.

This is a very, very good beer. If they made bourbon you could actually chug it it would taste like this beer. I can’t say it is high on hops, but that is not my thing, you see. I like the alcohol and flavor begotten by this lost soul of cherry beers.

The aroma of whiskey barrels — a sort of sweet-sharp tang — is the first thing worth noting and savoring when you pour this beer. It is heavenly. A three inch high head of tan foam and honey-colored ale rises from the glass when it is poured. The beer is not really bitter as much as it is the love child between a super high alcohol beer steeped in bourbon barrel goodness and fruity yeasty style ale. Grab one if you can find it.

Bourbon-barrel quad


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