Breakdown Brown – Keg Creek Brewing Co.

breakdown ale

I found several bottles of Breakdown Brown in the cooler at my local store. This American Brown Ale is brewed by Keg Creek Brewing Co. in Glenville, Iowa. I’d heard about this brewery but I’d not found any of their beer for sale here in central Iowa. As a fan of brown ales I had to give it a try.

The beer is very dark. It poured a small quarter-inch head which quickly dissipated. The aroma is malt. It has a mild to moderate bitterness as I took a swig. It has a classic brown ale flavor of sweet malt, bitter chocolate and caramel. However the hops become somewhat apparent as I worked through the glass. Another bite of bitterness pops up at the back end — the malt and hops fighting it out. That was a surprise. I detected no off notes, not yeast, and no bread.  This is a very solid American Brown Ale.


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