Exile Brewing Company Beer is available at select stores

Exile_smI thought it was worth mentioning that Exile’s standard lineup of beer is available around town in bottles. This has apparently been happening since last fall but I didn’t spot any bottles in my local grocery store until January.  I see from Exile’s website that their beer is distributed by 7G Distributing. Because Exile serves meals and brews its own beer it must sell its beer through a distributor. I know that makes no real sense, but that is the way the law is broken out. This will allow Exile to sell more beer, albeit after paying the distributor its share, while still serving full meals in the restaurant. If you are a fan of Exile’s distinctly German-style brews then stock up. I hope that they will be able to add some of their seasonal beers (Smoked Lager, Czech Pilsner?) in the future.


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