Iowa Food Truck Throw Down 2015

Des Moines food truckWow. This was a huge surprise. Des Moines is really ready for food trucks. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. When I first moved to Des Moines in the 80s, there were food carts on Nollen Plaza and hundreds showed up during lunch. Some stayed late to serve the after work crowd. Then, the City Council cracked down and like a lot of decisions made by City Fathers, the result was that Des Moines’ pedestrian life took another hit.


The Des Moines Social Club now acts as a counterweight to the City and it should be congratulated for an amazingly successful roll out of Food Trucks in Des Moines. Because of some scheduling issues in the press for this event we got there early and I am glad we did. Some trucks were able to open a bit early to serve those who got the wrong information and we managed to avoid the massive crowds that started piling into the short city block that was fenced off for the occasion. There were bands, beer, and nifty food trucks.


We tried the toast from “Let’s Toast” a small food truck that calls itself a “gourmet toast bar.” I tried the peanut butter with maple syrup and whiskey (of course). Quite tasty.



Next, I tried the lime-green Mediterranean Grill Food Truck. The Moroccan Chicken Shawarma Wrap and Moroccan-style Kefta Pocket were tasty, if not “foodie” level.


Not long after eating those meals it was obvious that the crowds were getting ridiculous. I thought there were already too many people but as we left I could see at least another thousand or so waiting in line to get to the food trucks. Let’s do the math: 1,500 people, 3 minute per person, and eight trucks means that it would take at least another 9 hours to feed that many people.I am guessing that most of the people waiting in line at 6:00 p.m. did not get any food from a truck.  Pent-up demand for Food Trucks (of all things) is boiling over in Des Moines.

photo of a huge crowd

No food for you!



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