Templeton Rye now says it is distilled in Indiana on the bottle.

This is an update of an old but great story. Templeton Rye got a lot of heat when the popular press publicized the fact that the base whiskey was distilled in Indiana and not in a quaint liquor-running town in Iowa. Then, Templeton got sued.  When I spotted a bottle on a shelf I decided to memorialize the change to the label: Templeton2015

Of course, the label still has what seems like the same story on the back, including the allegation that “this bottle of Templeton Rye is based on the original Prohibition” recipe. Well, IMHO, it is at best it is an attempt to approximate (through the use of flavorings) what someone decided the original recipe might have tasted like.  Regardless, the bottles I’ve tried taste pretty good. Maybe they got the distillery to change their standard rye mash bill, though I doubt it. Fans of Templeton Rye (and it does have its fans) would be up in arms if there was a change to the flavor. Take it or leave it on its own terms for what it is. At least the distillery part has been cleared up for the unsuspecting public.


One thought on “Templeton Rye now says it is distilled in Indiana on the bottle.

  1. I seem to recall they have since removed the red print from the front of the label which states “Prohibition Era Recipe”. Even if a whisky is good tasting, over selling the marketing hype can do as much harm as trying to sell rot gut in a fancy bottle.

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